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Компанія SILK - офіційний ексклюзивний дистриб'ютор Agmamito в Україні.
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Здійснюємо оптову та роздрібну торгівлю різних видів меблевих тканин по всій території України як зі складу, так і на замовлення
TOCCARE - вишукана італійська меблева тканина відомого в Європі бренду Agmamito Group






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How to choose the right fabric for upholstered furniture?

When choosing a material for furniture upholstery you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Strength of the material. High-strength fabrics should be used in areas where they are exposed to the highest load during furniture operation.
  • Invoice. Some types of fabric should not be used in children's rooms or if you have pets. Yes, pile materials are more difficult to care for, so avoid them if you have a small child. Material that is prone to loop formation should not be selected in the presence of a cat or dog home.
  • Color and pattern. In addition to the harmonious blend of fabric with the interior of the room, keep in mind that the light material is greasy and dust becomes more noticeable in the dark. The image should also be handled with care. If it is bright enough, the other interior elements of the room should be more neutral so as not to overload the room with accents. Conversely, if the wallpaper or other details of your room are bright enough, then the pattern for the upholstery of the sofa should be chosen more neutral (small, fanciful) or prefer a fabric without a pattern.

selection of fabric: the upholstery of leather for furniture in the study is clearly not suitable for a cozy nursery or a delicate bedroom.

  • Perfect sofa in the living room - Soft yet durable. This applies not only to the seat filler but also to the upholstery material. Synthetic fabrics (flock, chenille, velor and leather) will be the best solution.
  • Folding sofa in the bedroom it is better to choose with an upholstery that contains both synthetic polyamide or polyester and natural fibers - cotton, wool, linen. Such fabrics include jacquard or chenille. They guarantee a pleasant appearance and durability.
  • Sofa in the nursery it should be environmentally friendly and simple, and the upholstery should be hypoallergenic and easy to care for. For example, printed cotton fabrics (jacquard) are easy to clean and retain their appearance for a long time.
  • Office furniture attractive on the outside and unpretentious in cleaning. These upholstery include natural and eco leather. Armchairs and sofas made of these materials will be the best business card and do not require much effort during cleaning.

The next step is to study how good each fabric is and what its weaknesses are. This will help you narrow down the material and make choices.

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